Urban Sketching

Theater Rampe

My college is in the depths of the city of Stuttgart, which is one of the more pleasant cities I’ve experienced, but that’s all I’m saying for it: It’s still a city, and I don’t get on with them. Still, there’s lots of things to sketch, and this week I realised I’d better get on and try.

I have 20 minutes to walk from the tram to the college, which gives just enough time to get a rough doodle down that I can finish when lectures get boring during a break.  The field sketches have to be fast, and I only have space in my bag for a small notebook, but this way I’m at least drawing something…

Theater Rampe (“The Ramp Theatre”) 12 x 8cm 15 minutes field sketch, then 30 minutes finishing.


3 thoughts on “Urban Sketching

    • Hello Luc, thanks for dropping by…
      I could claim I have a near photographic memory but that would be a lie I roughed out details I was likely to forget -like the diferent windows in the big archways, and one half of the building with the pointy roof, and tried to make sure I did the rest within a couple of hours so I didn’t forget too much. With such a tiny notebook I couldn’t get nuch detail in anyway, so I’ll have to try again with a bigger piece of paper later.
      Here’s a photo of the original so you can see al my mistakes:

      Wierdness has certainly taken place with the tower…

      • Thank you for your response Andy. Still I like your drawing. Mistakes are no real problem (however I try to learn from them). I often see perfect drawings which do not appeal to me.


        Op 14/07/2016 om 06:27 schreef Wild Goose: > WordPress.com >

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