It’s the end of the month, so time for something a bit less serious, methinks. This is a work in progress but at least it is now at a stage where I can hang it up in the living room and decide what to do next with it.

In theory it should eventually look like a travel poster for the Great Western Railway, which built and ran a lot of railways in the south-west of England and Wales. The chief engineer of the line was one Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was known for making all kinds of marvels, some of which are still used, like the Thames Tunnel and Clifton Suspension Bridge, and some which didn’t work so well, like a plan to pull trains along using a vacuum pipe.

They were also a pioneer of using diesels, including these. If Airships had been more feasible at the time, the Great Western would have been one of the first to use them.


2 thoughts on “Airship

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by.

      I think they did, yes; they were always trying out new ideas after all. I’m also convinced that Brunel would have gone for this: Big, High tech, and exciting, it would be just his thing.

      Mind you, I suspect he’d have made it about six times the size…

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