Bowled Over: 1

Woodcarving lessons are almost over. The main project is making a bowl from pear wood:

Stage one was making the inside of the bowl, which also involved working out what shape I wanted it to be. Here’s the basic shape rough carved:

Carved bowl 002

Then finished using finer chisels and then sanding to get most of the mistakes, imperfections out:

Carved bowl 003

My teacher, taking the subtle approach to rough forming the outside of the bowl:

Carved bowl 004

…which left us with something vaguely reminiscent of the Millenium Falcon.

Carved bowl 005

I’d hoped to have a complete bowl to finish this post with but I went and split the wood at a crucial stage yesterday so the ‘bowl’ is currently heavily clamped while the repair sets.

Such is life.

(Apologies to readers of my other blog for the duplicate posting)


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