Birlinn Bay


In theory, the absence of Beautiful Wife and family means I can draw and paint more, at least untill I start the new job in September. In practice I’m not much faster because their presence or absence has no effect on how many mistakes I make and have to go back and correct.

However, I have finally managed to complete this pair of paintings of a Birlinn, a wooden vessel used as a form of transport between the islands off the west coast of Scotland until quite recently. Wikipedia has a page on them here.

I’m pretty pleased with the picture so far: the sky worked well, and the planking came out better than I thought it would, but there’s still something missing: it’s… boring.

I can see that the rock the boat is moored to is a bit too convenient on its own, so a few extras will pop up in time, and possibly be joined by a proper tide line; but I feel there needs to be more life, especially around the boat.

Any suggestions as to what is missing welcome…


2 thoughts on “Birlinn Bay

  1. I really like these! To me the beach looks too empty. How about adding some life in terms of drift wood, crabs or the like? And maybe a bird or two in the sky or even sitting on the boat?

    • Hmm… suddenly several views from Austria. I wonder who that could be…

      Thanks for the positive comment: I agree it needs some work: driftwood is a good idea although crabs may be a bit small -I could have a giant land crab but they aren’t that common in Scotland.

      Birds? Maybe, if I get the courage to try them…

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