Wind and Weather


Ferry version 2.1. This is more how the original picture appeared in my head, but now I’ve drawn it I can’t help seeing a couple of problems, like the way the van (which appears to have come over all Postman Pat*) is apparently teetering on the edge of a very high drop with no barriers whatsoever and a cold sea at the bottom. On the other hand, I’m improving my shading and the rainfall looks more effective than I expected. So does the sea, although it needs a bit more movement.

Now to decide which one of these to go for. I like this one but I think at my current ability, version 1.2 is a better idea…

by the way, anyone out there with a picture of a Leyland/LDV post bus or even a regular van from a 3/4 rear view, please let me know…

*For non-British viewers: Postman Pat


2 thoughts on “Wind and Weather

  1. Looks great! Like a scene from a Hitchcock movie 🙂 Just a thought: The back light of the van being red in real life appears a bit too light in my opinion. But then when have I last seen a van from behind at night during rain at the coast? However this will look really interesting on your wall…

    • I hadn’t thought of a Hitchcock scene… I see the point about the back light: I’m still unsure on that.

      I’ve made a rough painting of the other version but to be honest it looks better as a sketch, so I’m wondering if I can use this one better after all…

      By the way, there’s a van like this local to us here, so I may go and ask if I can take some pictures…

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