Into the darkness


Another attempt at a design for the ferry painting. These ferries are a lifeline for the islands, so I wanted to show the ferry taking on a post bus (another lifeline, until Royal Mail stopped running them) in the darkness of a winters morning. I’d like to add rain but I think that may be a bit ambitious.

I want to give the feeling of the ferry being a safe haven for the bus driving towards it, so that will be the brightest part of the picture. I don’t have a photo of the ferries at night, but many loading ramps don’t have lights, so I imagine the boats will be liberally festooned with them.

I need to move the ‘edge’ of the lit area in the painting: it looks like the bus is providing most of the light here. I’m wondering about the background beyond the ferry. Maybe some hills with the first sign of a murky dawn behind, or just endless sea and a slightly lighter horizon?



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