Folding knife


I’m still working on the next painting: Beautiful Wife prefers a maritime scene to steam engines. I know my place and am wondering what I could paint that will match the current painting: the two will face each other so I they will need to work as a pair. Any suggestions welcome.

Meanwhile a quick sketch of the folding knife I carried as an apprentice cabinetmaker. Most cabinetmakers carried a plastic sliding knife but I preferred this solid metal folding one. Whichever variety we carried would lock into place which I think is technically illegal: if there’s ever a clampdown, there will be no carpenters left in Germany. Or electricians, plumbers, tilers or carpet layers, come to that…

Hopefully the big project will start looking like something this week…


2 thoughts on “Folding knife

    • Hmm… nice idea. Do you mean the huts made from boats? Maybe one of the wooden boats hauled onto a beach, but all those stones…

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