‘Macbeth’ Reloaded

Macbeth front small text

A slight change of subject at the moment as I’m making promotional material for a couple of storytelling projects. This is a draft of a flyer image for a workshop on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ which is part of the English course in a lot of German schools.

The original plan was to make a dagger shape in the ‘blood’ but this looked too nice and formal so I wiped it out. This made the red smears, to which I added the extra ‘splatter’. Not overdoing the splatter effect was possibly the hardest part: there’s a lot of blood & violence in ‘Macbeth’, but not that much…

The original piece is 500 x 150mm: the background and crown are acrylic on canvas, with lettering added using the Gimp, an excellent freeware programme similar to Photoshop.


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