Slow progress…

There should be a picture here.

Well, here’s the ship as of the end of the week. It isn’t as far forward as I’d have liked: sometimes life gets in the way of artistic ambitions and at other times my bad organisation does. In this case it was bad organisation in particular forgetting to get some small brushes so I could define the smaller details.

A lot of the ‘slow’ time is also because I’ll try something, decide it doesn’t work, go back and do it again, decide that doesn’t work either, try -and reject- a third method and finally decide the first attempt was the best… but that’s part of the learning process and I’m pretty pleased with how the ship is looking so far.

Next step is the windows in the wheelhouse and then get on with the details. As soon as I’ve got my backside into gear to get a few more brushes…


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