Ship shape


Base colours added for the hull, and some of the quayside. Not entirely sure how I’ll do the texture and shadow/highlights for this.

Really need to get the camera repaired so I can make better photographs again.


One thought on “Ship shape

  1. This is looking very promising. I’m sorry that I was late replying and I missed an earlier post…If I’m not framing the painting I generally paint round the corners, continuing the colours around the edge of the canvas, depending on how deep that is.
    With regard to texture and highlights for the hull, the light is going to be terribly important…you have to either refer to a well-lit example…the real thing…or invent a scheme, working out where the light would fall. Keep working gently from light to dark and build up the shade slowly…texture can be added by carefully scraping a dry-brush over the midtones…unless the subject is very highly lit, in which case the shadows would be darker. You are doing fine, just pay attention to the light and the form…and if you do that, the process will itself suggest the way forward. If the shadows aren’t too deep and there is a rusty texture, scumbling the mid-tones will work in the shadows.

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