Ground cover in place. I’m not quite satisfied with the shade and texture, so it will need more work between assignments today. A large part of the unpainted area will be quite dark, but it has a lot of details that I want to include which means the surface needs to be lighter so it doesn’t just become a big dark splurge down there and defeat the object of the exercise. I also discovered that scumbling paint on with an almost dry brush is good for texture but not for working around fine details and I’ll need to repair this. On the other hand, I finally got the sea to run in a straight line, as it tends to do this in the real world.

This ‘realistic’ painting malarkey is a steep leaning curve. Still, it is helping my brain unwind after endless maths assignments.

Oh, and happy new year. My resolution here is to paint and draw more. This isn’t hard as I’m still using a sketchbook I bought nearly two years ago so my output thus far hasn’t been blistering.


2 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. It’s looking very promising! Now you have blocked in the main ground shadows, I would advise working from light to dark with the detail around the boats and on the scaffolding etc……you have sketched it out very well and the foundation will stand you in good stead when you come to lay in washes of colour in the detail.

    • Light to dark? Oops. I’ll do it that way around next time… The quayside is a lot lighter around the hull now as per the original and I used a wash as you suggested: it does help in defining smaller areas, so many thanks.

      Will see what happens tomorrow. I’m not posting in ‘real time’ so this is a bit behind the current state…

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