Try again…

I didn’t fall off the face of the planet last year: life intervened in the form of an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. As this means learning Technical Drawing to a very fine standard I’m not always inclined to pick up a pencil in my free time, but I do occasionally have time to make sketches of things I see during the day. I’ll try to post some at some point.

We have Christmas holidays at the moment and I’ve started a new painting. I’m hoping to get it finished by the time I go back to work/college but don’t hold your breath. Pictures ‘In progress’ will follow as soon as the clouds depart long enough to give the camera some light to work with.

One question though, when you are painting a picture of something, a scene or place with a horizon that goes to the edge of the canvas, what is the ‘normal’ thing to do at the edge? Do you paint around the frame, paint it grey or black or just leave it white?

In theory I could just make a frame for the picture at work, but I’m likely to be as slow in that as I am in painting.


2 thoughts on “Try again…

  1. Like it but there is a typo in the first line. It should say face not fact I suspect.

    Seems a shame to start with a typo. Incidentally I misspelt TYPO first time round.

    Good to talk to you all yesterday…




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