Wild Goose 1

A wild goose from The Book Of Kells. The book is kept in Trinity College Dublin, but I made this from a sketch by George Bain in “Celtic Art, The methods of construction” (page 109, plate 2) Bain gives the dimensions of the original as just over half an inch long: and it has more detail than my version. Those Celtic Monks really knew what they were doing.

This was my first animal design and I was so pleased with it I tried to make another vertically aligned version, but I rushed it and messed up the colours. hopefully posting this one will get me moving on its twin so I can put it up here.

‘Kells’ by the way, is the name of a monastry in Ireland where the book was kept before it was moved to Dublin library in 1654, but no-one is sure if the book was made at Kells, or made partly in Iona then finished at Kells, or made in Iona and moved to Kells to keep it from marauding Vikings.

(200 x 500 mm, Acrylic on canvas)


3 thoughts on “Wild Goose 1

    • Thanks: to be honest I’m not sure how I found your blog, just that I liked the profile and your work…

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