Sketchy Heart

I tend to carry my sketchbook around with me so I can work on designs in quiet moments. This one was a fairly quick sketch, partly inspired by the Book of Kells, partly inspired by the realisation that I needed a Valentines card for my wife.

The circle was made using a dessert bowl, from memory: very convenient, but it does confuse hosts sometimes if you use the dinnerware as a template, especially if it’s during the meal.

(Pencil on paper, Template from IKEA)


5 thoughts on “Sketchy Heart

  1. Thanks Iain. I am pleased with how this came out. It made for a happy wife as well…

    Mind you, the main line is the outline of the bowl…

  2. Very nice. I like the line work and the shading. And the fact that the template is a bowl… well, that just makes it more real for me.

    Keep posting!

    • Many thanks Kecain. I’ve a couple more posts lined up, and then I’ll have to get painting if walt to keep going, but then that’s rather the point of the blog…

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