First Knot

So here it is, the first knot. This is based on a stone carving in Miegle, Perthshire. Judging by the numbers of stones found in and around Miegle, it was a centre of Pictish culture.

The picts are a mysterious people to us: the meaning of many Pictish symbols is “disputed” which is a more academically acceptable way of saying we can’t understand them.

I can live with that.

(Acrylic and canvas, about 200mm square)


2 thoughts on “First Knot

  1. Great! If this is typical of the work to come, then bring it on!! Very sure and precise brushwork, and a lovely knot. “First Knot”…wasn’t that a film with Sean Connery…? Seriously though, this all looks like a very promising blog.

  2. Thanks Iain, I’m glad you like it. There’s enough pictures ready for upload that you’ll be getting a new one each Saturday this month, we’ll see what happens then…

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