New Year 2018

We have a friend who is an artist, a proper artist who actually knows what he’s doing and earns money and everything. Every year he sends us and a lot of other people a postcard with an ink drawing on it as a new year card, and every year I told myself I’d try and do the same and promptly forgot about it.

This year I finally got myself into gear and drew a sketch of the Wolfstor in Esslingen am Neckar, then inked the lines over several lunch breaks, and possibly in the occasional dull lecture.

Click here to find the mistakes.

Last week we were given notice of about four modular exams, so I’m going to have to stop making pretty pictures and get on with revising. Still, at least I managed to make a drawing this year. Maybe I’ll remember to make the 2019 sketch before the year changes…


You’ve been framed.

After some frantic paint scrubbing the mural at college is about 99% complete. It isn’t perfect but it is as close as I can get. A few more details here and there but then I can put the brushes back in the craft workshop, and the rest of the class can use the sofa in front of it.

I’ll take a proper camera at some point and make better photos too…

Slow and not very sure.

Coming along, slowly.It doesn’t help that I only have about an hour each day, including eating lunch, preparation and cleaning up, so this week I stayed behind when some lectures were cancelled and tried at least to get the whole picture looking a bit more three dimensional.

I’m not entirely happy with the airship, especially the engine, but I’ll see how it strikes me when I get back to college…


More distractions.

More exams loom. This week we have ‘Rechtskunde’ or law. We need to know the law for working with people with disabilities/psychological issues/refugees/young offenders et c,, what rights they have, including extra rights to protect them, and how to deal with different situations.Of course to do this we need to have a working knowledge of the law for everyone else.

It is very boring.

The picture above is my attempt at making it a bit more interesting and rearranging the information to help me remember it.

German speakers: I know “Rectskunde” should be “Rechtskunde”. Pencils don’t have a spellchecker, and by the time I noticed I’d filled in all the gaps…


Sudden vegetation

And suddenly, there were trees, which I can’t claim credit for as they were painted by someone else.

I got myself into gear and started shading buildings. I’ve not been entirely consistent on the direction of the shadows, but it has worked so far. As is probably obvious, I started in the lower right and I’m working across. The buildings I’ve done so far exist, which makes things easier. Once I’ve done them, I’ll run out of excuses and have to work on the grey lumps of the ‘modern’ buildings. These will be more challenging because I’m making them up as I go along, and also because I’ll have to evict people off the sofa beneath it…

Sketchbooks don’t cause this sort of trouble…


Urban transit

I was looking for something that wasn’t a half finished picture of Stuttgart, and came across this in a notebook. It is a stempunky monorail again, probably a bit closer to the centre of town than this one, although I wouldn’t want to hang around in the streets after dark. Come to that, I’m not sure I’d like to stand on the tiny metro station at the top of that tower…


More colour…


Colouring increases. A bit too much in the case of the grass in the middle. Still, its getting closer to the idea…