Lighthouse 1


One thing I miss here in south Germany is the sea: we’re so far from the North Sea that we are actually a tiny bit closer to the Mediterranean, which is tough for a pair of islanders like us. I think that’s why I like drawing lighthouses.

This is a made up harbour lighthouse, based on a couple in northern Scotland. I wanted to see how I could make the steps. They were fine but I chickened out on the details in the reflection, which was a mistake.


Mama fuel 2.1


Finally got myself into gear to make the colour version of ‘Mama Fuel‘ sketch I made some time ago. My idea at the time was to make this for Beautiful Wife’s birthday, so I’m only about three months behind. Well, three months and three years from the date on the original sketch, but I’m sure you won’t mention that…

I thought I should have a finer text at the bottom, but now I’m not sure.  I may have to change that in a few weeks… Or months…

Green Circles 2.1


The second of the hastily replaced paintings* that hang in front of our front door. This one is a simplified repaint of the ‘green circles’ design, although judging by the thickness of the paint several other ‘learning experiences’ are hidden away under the surface.

Despite continued efforts I couldn’t get a perfect octagon in the centre: in the end I had to decide between making some of the long arced lines turn more than they should, or allow the octagon to be a little wonky. I’m sure there’s a mathematical formula to work out the exact relationship between the circle diameter and line thickness to make it all fit but if you try to tell me I’ll pretend not to hear you. I doubt most people will even notice the difference as they come up the stairs, so let’s keep this to ourselves: okay?

*So hastily that I didn’t notice the corner I missed until I took the picture. This is now fixed…


Japan 7: Departure


The family are flying back at last, probably walking through a contraption very much like this one to get onto their plane.

Admittedly I actually drew this from a transit lounge in Inchion, Korea, but frankly, a gangway is a gangway…

That’s the last of the Japan series, back to more local sketches next week…