Ship looks like ship, shock.


Slowly, very slowly, the ship is beginning to look like a ship, rather to my surprise. There’s a heck of a lot still to be done – the lower part of the wheelhouse still hasn’t worked after at least five attempts but the ribbing and stabilizers came together better than I dared hope.

Tomorrow will be a busy day but hopefully I’ll be able to get some more done. I’d like this to be mostly finished by Thursday: it is hanging in the dining room and we have guests to dinner…

Slow progress…

There should be a picture here.

Well, here’s the ship as of the end of the week. It isn’t as far forward as I’d have liked: sometimes life gets in the way of artistic ambitions and at other times my bad organisation does. In this case it was bad organisation in particular forgetting to get some small brushes so I could define the smaller details.

A lot of the ‘slow’ time is also because I’ll try something, decide it doesn’t work, go back and do it again, decide that doesn’t work either, try -and reject- a third method and finally decide the first attempt was the best… but that’s part of the learning process and I’m pretty pleased with how the ship is looking so far.

Next step is the windows in the wheelhouse and then get on with the details. As soon as I’ve got my backside into gear to get a few more brushes…

About time too…


Finally got myself into gear to work on the ship again. A while ago we hung the unfinished painting up in the apartment where it bemused visitors and taunted me with its white space. At least now there is less whiteness and the ‘incontinent seagull’ appearance on the propellor housing is gone.

Next step is improving the details on and around the hull, and making the wheelhouse look presentable. I’ll post the results on Saturday…

I’ve been busy…

So, yes, I’ve been a bit quiet again. For over a year in fact. This was because I was rying to get a qualification as a cabinetmaker and it took more energy than I could spare to do anything else.

I finished the course in February (and carved a Celtic knot into the box I made for my final project) and was diagnosed with Asthma which means I probably can’t work in a normal carpenters workshop, so the Job Centre is checking this with the doctor to see if I’m officially not able to be a carpenter, and therefore need retraining, and as with most government offices, this is taking a while.

So after being sensible for the last few years I decided to use the time to do something ‘silly’, or to put it another way, something I really wanted to do but was always told was silly.

I decided to try being an oral storyteller.

After much encouragement from an established English speaking storyteller in Germany, I put a show together, called it “A great British Evening” and made some posters, which is where this blog post gets back on topic, finally:

GBE_Postcard_front_mergedOne poster. Made by hand. And yes, I know ‘Nessie’ is on a slope. I’ll watch out for that next time…

Oh, and people turned up. And enjoyed the evening. So not I’m working on a second show which will need a poster, and some other bits and pieces, which will also need more drawings.

I’ll post the relevant ones here…

More Ship Shape


It turns out painting a thin colour wash is a very different process to drybrushing. The rudder in particular looks like it was visited by a very incontinent seagull: more practice required, I think.

Still, the detailed bits are roughly the right shape, and most of the ‘straight’ lines are going in the intended direction.

Dark bits


Something of an improvement on the last stage: Teigl suggested using a wash to build the texture without drybrushing all the details out and I had a go today. Still needs work especially arount the front end: that big lump at the front looks too much like a fin.

Still, another step forward. Am beginning to wonder where I will hang this when it is finished, which is a good problem to have.



Ship shape


Base colours added for the hull, and some of the quayside. Not entirely sure how I’ll do the texture and shadow/highlights for this.

Really need to get the camera repaired so I can make better photographs again.


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