General frivolity


Sometimes I get a little carried away and forget that I’m supposed to be all serious and grown up.

Here we have a Steampunk Ambulatory Ore Extracting Device. In a world where steam is the main form of power, coal would become very valuable and scarce very fast, so the race would be on to find coal deposits, no matter how small, or how far away.

The biplanes are pirates. Obviously.

I suspect there would also be airships.

I wanted to have a British flag flying from the top of the tower but I couldn’t make it work in such a small space. It would be great if I could one day paint a larger colour version of this, but I’m not sure what visitors would make of it…

Celtic Wolf


Those Pictish artists didn’t just draw knots: they also created very stylised drawings of people and animals. I haven’t found a wolf carving yet, so I made my own in the style of some carvings on the Miegle stones.

Corner lantern


Another of the many fast sketches I’ve made to survive some social event or other. This one was during a ‘staff outing’ with a company I worked for at the time. There were several lanterns like this around the town: all looked fairly new, but none seemed to have any space for a light fitting, which would seem to make them pretty pointless. Much like the staff outing really.

I know I’ve been a little slack of late, but there is news: firstly the shop is nearly finished, and secondly, I’ve been accepted for a course which teaches drawing and visual art (amongst other things) I’m visiting for two days next week so there will hopefully be something different to post at the weekend…

Crofters cottage


Oh, dear, what a long gap between posts. Here’s a quick and probably over-romanticised sketch of a scottish crofter’s cottage. Part of the reason for the gap is that I’ve been using most available brain cells trying to get an online shop up to possibly, maybe sell a couple of the paintings I’ve been making over the last months.

I’m still getting some of the bugs out of the system (in particular the website seems to think he button ‘Post for sale’ is a suggestion and it is still considering what to do about it) but I can assure you that when I have something saleable, I’ll make sure you all know about it…