Means to an End -2


The second of four posters. This one illustrates the principle that work should be sustainable: it should not cause any long term illnesses through repetitive movements, lifting heavy weights, or exposure to dangerous substances.

For some reasont this wouldn’t go into my head, so there’s a play on words as the German word for ‘carry’ is ‘Tragen’: so he’s carrying something. (Tragen and Erträgen, gettit?) I’m hoping this will help me remember the point.

I’m also hoping they won’t deduct points for bad puns…

Means to an End 1


It’s exam season at college, and that means getting the remaining functional brain cells to work trying to learn things.

It turns out I’m a visual learner and I don’t remember abstract concepts very well, so to get some of the ideas into my head, I hit on the idea of making posters for them. The process of making the pictures and drawings helps me retain the information, and I have a visual idea to try and recall during the exam.

That’s the theory. And I get to draw stuff and call it work.

This is my main output at the moment so expect more of the same…


Urban Sketching

Theater Rampe

My college is in the depths of the city of Stuttgart, which is one of the more pleasant cities I’ve experienced, but that’s all I’m saying for it: It’s still a city, and I don’t get on with them. Still, there’s lots of things to sketch, and this week I realised I’d better get on and try.

I have 20 minutes to walk from the tram to the college, which gives just enough time to get a rough doodle down that I can finish when lectures get boring during a break.  The field sketches have to be fast, and I only have space in my bag for a small notebook, but this way I’m at least drawing something…

Theater Rampe (“The Ramp Theatre”) 12 x 8cm 15 minutes field sketch, then 30 minutes finishing.

First letter


Sketch for an illuminated letter. Not the best quality, I’ll readily admit, but what with starting college and exams I’ve been a bit short on time and very short of energy. Ironically we have art/life drawing classes at college, but it may be a while before I can photograph the results.

I have been making small sketches in a notebook though. Will try and post those this week.


Getting behind


I’m getting behind on the gift making project; I’ve missed at least two birthdays and am trying to catch up this week. It turns out that making presents is often a lot more time consuming than buying them.

Being a smug, tree-hugging hippy can be harder than people think.

On the other hand, I am getting faster at making things like this. My first spoon took several days, then the next took two mornings, and this one took a couple of hours, most of which was figuring out how to clamp an ever decreasing amount of wood so I could get at it with a chisel.

Anyway, it is now oiled and drying, so I can get on with the next present.

Remind me how living simply and making stuff is supposed to be a more relaxed way to live?

Darning Mushroom


Being a tree hugging hippy, I wear knitted socks, partly because they are comfortable, but also because I can darn them if they get a hole in them, unlike those high-tech efforts made by evil corporations.

To darn socks I needed a darning mushroom, and after several months I finally got around to turning one on a piece of silver birch on the wood lathe at work, so now I’m finally able to fix the backlog of worn out socks.

That’ll bring global capitalism down, just you wait and see.