Darning Mushroom


Being a tree hugging hippy, I wear knitted socks, partly because they are comfortable, but also because I can darn them if they get a hole in them, unlike those high-tech efforts made by evil corporations.

To darn socks I needed a darning mushroom, and after several months I finally got around to turning one on a piece of silver birch on the wood lathe at work, so now I’m finally able to fix the backlog of worn out socks.

That’ll bring global capitalism down, just you wait and see.

Deep knot


Sometimes I have an idea for a design and spend ages perfecting and tweaking a design, and other times I doodle them to get myself through a terminally boring meeting.

Considering this is one of the second type, I’m pretty pleased with it.



A ‘ten minute sketch’ of the Miners Safety Lamp that lives on my desk. One of my early attempts at making a shiny surface.

The title ‘drift’ refers to the use of these in drift mines in the UK, but it could also be the way it is leaning to one side. Will draw it straight next time…

Caravan. Sort of.


Youngest Son (currently 10) has a fascination with caravans, motor caravans, and vardos. When he saw this converted Bedford truck on a website he fell in love.

There practical issues of course. Looking at this example there can’t be much insulation, so it must be freezing in winter. And I can’t drive a truck. And where is the privvy?

Still, I must admit, the idea has some appeal.