Crofters cottage


Oh, dear, what a long gap between posts. Here’s a quick and probably over-romanticised sketch of a scottish crofter’s cottage. Part of the reason for the gap is that I’ve been using most available brain cells trying to get an online shop up to possibly, maybe sell a couple of the paintings I’ve been making over the last months.

I’m still getting some of the bugs out of the system (in particular the website seems to think he button ‘Post for sale’ is a suggestion and it is still considering what to do about it) but I can assure you that when I have something saleable, I’ll make sure you all know about it…



So here’s our farm tractor, a 1972 ‘Fendt Farmer’, sketched rather quickly because we needed it to go and pull a trailer of horse poo. The strange appearance of the windscreen is because you push it forward to get in and out. I’ve probably driven more miles in this in the last two months than in any vehicle in the previous year.

As I spend a part of each day in this, I expect more detail sketches will come along in due course…

Survival Sketching…


Sketch made in desperation to survive another dull meeting.

I still can’t get used to the fact that most of these buildings were drawn -albeit loosely- from memory, and the real versions are not that far from here, although perhaps not a closely placed as in this sketch.

There are worse places to live…

New Office…


I’m working in a City Farm for the next six months, mainly based in a ‘Making space’ which is a fancy name for a workshop with full-time staff to help the children and young people who come to make projects. This is my first attempt at drawing my new office. I’m not very happy with it: I think I tried to get too much detail in, and included a few things that while strictly accurate are a bit strange when presented in a sketch.

There will be another version of this when time permits. Meanwhile, you’ll probably get more agricultural subjects…

Lighthouse 2


Another lighthouse sketch, made from a photograph, so I don’t know exactly where the subject is, except that it is somewhere on the Dutch coast. Getting the railings correct so they were in silhouette when backed by he sky, but white in front of the tower was a challenge.

Unfortunately after our daughter was born I realised it looks like a large baby milk bottle. Not one for the portfolio I think…

Lighthouse 1


One thing I miss here in south Germany is the sea: we’re so far from the North Sea that we are actually a tiny bit closer to the Mediterranean, which is tough for a pair of islanders like us. I think that’s why I like drawing lighthouses.

This is a made up harbour lighthouse, based on a couple in northern Scotland. I wanted to see how I could make the steps. They were fine but I chickened out on the details in the reflection, which was a mistake.